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The Diploma in Applied Permaculture

is a self study program that can be completed a minimum of two years after completing a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate). There’s currently no restriction on how long you can take to do it. I completed it in 2019. 

For it, apprentices must present 10 designs, at least one of which must be a land based design and one must be a people based design. And the majority of them must be implemented.

It’s a challenging course and leads to an understanding of a breadth of  frameworks and tools, application of the ethics and principles. And generally getting to grips with more sustainable and ethical ways of approaching life and designing life. 

If you’d like to sign up to do the Diploma, click on the button below. You need to choose a tutor to work with as part of the process (there’s a list on the diploma website) and if you’d like to work with me, please get in touch.


    The Permaculture Design Forum

    is a series of structured sessions for diploma apprentices to share their designs and receive feedback. It lasts an hour and is followed by the option to spend time working individually on our designs and then regroup for a check-in.

    The number of session depends on the group size (1 session per person). At each session there is also a short learning share of 2 minutes looking at anything permaculture related. We’ve been introduced to new tools, frameworks and design solutions. It’s suprising how much can be fitted into 2 minutes! The bulk of the time is devoted to looking at a design a member brings and going round each person for focussed feedback.

    Applications to join the next groups are now closed. But if you’d like to put your name down for a future group, please fill in a form below.

    ‘Thank you very much Carla for organising these group sessions, every session was an inspiration and food for creativity, skill sharing and in such excellent company. It was truly a memorable experience and it has propelled me forward into my next designs.’

    ‘I truly felt touched and honoured to be able to share and learn in this cohort, skilfully facilitated and content rich stacking functions, multiplying yields and turning challenges into solutions all the way.’

    ‘The Design Forum offers a wonderful way to present your designs and receive feedback from a healthy mix of perspectives (there is no obligation to do so). Experiencing the design process of other students was a rare privilege. I found it an invaluable source of ideas, links, references and inspiration.’

    ‘The format is inclusive and relaxed, it is structured but retains a lovely sense of informality.’

    Useful Diploma Resources

    on the Permaculture Association Website

    More information about the Diploma in Applied Permaculture

    Apprentice forms and documents resources for the Diploma including:-

    • Diploma Guidebook
    • Guide to Criteria
    • Assessment Forms

    (You will need to be signed in to the Permaculture Association website to access these forms)

    My key areas of interest
    • Socially engaged art projects
    • Small group workshop facilitation
    • Allotments and Gardens
    • Forest garden design (for small spaces)
    • Dragon Dreaming
    • Application of coaching techniques
    • Food
    • House retrofitting
    • Community development
    • Personal Development Planning
    • Writing
    My top 5 highlights when doing the diploma
    • I consolidated the lessons I’d learnt on my PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate)
    • Finding simple solutions that had a big environmental impact 
    • Getting to know plants better
    • Learning new techniques for problem solving
    • Visiting fascinating projects and meeting amazing people around the UK 

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