Diploma Portfolio : 06 Food Design


“Eating better whilst living semi nomadically” 2017

Aim: to understand better my relationship with food whilst I lived partly in Hull and partly in Leeds during an art residency. It was motivated by a dissatisfaction of what I was eating and a plan to improve it.
Framework: CEAP (Collect information, Evaluate, Apply principles and ethics, Plan)
Tools: Client interview, Mindmap, SWOC (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Constraints), Food diary
Principles: Mollison
Key successes: Revelations as to how my body responds to certain foods, Flexible planning by using a ‘keep-it-in-the-cupboard’ method, so that certain raw materials were always available for a healthy meal. Identification of alternative shops in both locations. Sharing food and food orders with friends. Learning new recipes.
Key challenges and how they were overcome: Realising that when I’m hungry I have no resources to think ethically, sustainable or any other positive-for-the-planet thought about where I will obtain my next meal – having preprepared healthy snacks and the keep-it-in-the-cupboard resource reduced this.
Evaluation: Keeping a food diary and experimenting with different diet combinations helped me understand my relationship with food. The food I subsequently started to eat was much better both for me and the planet.
Reflection: The mindmap tool was really useful for seeing the information all in the same place and to see how it connected. I really liked CEAP too, which gave an openness to the process and meant I could really play with collecting the information flexibly.




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