Diploma Portfolio : 02 Column Design (Art)


Part of the Code 5 Art Residency with Goodwin Development Trust on Thornton Estate, Hull. 2016
Overall aim: 
Create a design to be painted on a column outside a Chemist’s Shop on a housing estate. Making it relevant to the community and aesthetically pleasing.
Framework: SORDID (Spontaneous, Organic, Resource Driven, Inspired Design) (Devised by Douglas Beal)
Tools: Sector anaysis, Client interview,
Principles: Holmgren

Design Solution:The pattern was based on a willow tree trunk (the willow tree being connected to aspirin) which looked like people dancing.
Key successes:
 Positive engagement with local people, including painting participation by some passers by. Positive and enthusiastic engagement from the Chemist’s shop. Local people liked it. Minimal resources were used and mainly recycled/reused ones.
Key challenges and how they were overcome: my own mental attitudes to the ‘artistry’ of the work – overcome by other’s obvious positivity towards it.
Evaluation of the content: The final image and process of creating the column design was well received by commissioners and local community.
Reflection on process: Using the sector tool and then linking that to the colours added a physically visual dynamic at different times of the day. SORDID was an interesting framework to use, so much so, I decided to use a later design to compare it to CEAP.




Supplied as a PDF