Diploma Portfolio : 10 Keeping the momentum


“Keeping the momentum and co-coaching” 2019

Context: As I got to the end of the Diploma I started looking at what next, which led me onto what motivates us to do what we do, how can we get more motivated and how we can get into a flow state to keep doing the things we want to. The design started getting large and unwieldly and I realised I had to parr it down and make it more manageable. As a result it became a design for 2 workshops.
Aim: To create 2 workshops exploring momentum and co-coaching to be shared at the Diploma Gathering 2019.
Framework: SADIMET
Tools: CEAP, Looby’s Web, Mindmap, PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting), Aranya’s flow model, Dragon dreaming
Principles: Mollison
Key successes:
 The workshops were well received. The design was small and sweet and felt a good way to round off the diploma.
Key challenges and how they were overcome: writing up the design for the assessors was challenging as I couldn’t work out how to apply the flow work (which was a semi written up design) with the workshops – I resolved it by providing the flow work as an appendix. In the workshop I realised what I was explaining was understood differently to how I was anticipating. Observing and interacting with this moved the workshop in a different direction, which was positive, but also showed me how I couldn’t make assumptions with my explanations.
Evaluation: The workshops were well attended and I from feedback at the end they had been useful to those attending.
Reflection: The tools used were really useful for processing the design of the workshops and for thinking through the theory behind them (ie about ‘flow’ in more detail).




Mainly supplied on paper including an A1 basemap with overlays that included mapping the plants and ideas sheets. These are really difficult to photograph and share so this the word document version but the paper references it refers to aren’t included.