“The Earth is what we all have in common”

Wendell Berry


This site features the work of Carla Moss… that’s me!

I’m a creative, eco designer (trained in Permaculture) and life coach which I integrate to help others find more interconnectedness and grounding in their everyday life and work. 

In the turbulent times that we live in, many people are struggling with eco anxiety and fear of the future. My creativity has explored the theory and practice of environmental challenges including residencies in Kazakhstan and Sicily. I’ve explored philosophically and practically ‘time’. 

If you are struggling with a way forward for yourself, because of your concerns about the environment and would like support please book a conversation with me. An absolutely free, no obligation chat. Or send me a message via the contact page. 


[Image: Summer Sun Clock, Reverse grafiti, Code 5 Art Residency,
Hull 2017]

Making low carbon art


I have a diverse portfolio of drawings, paintings and sculture.

Here are some low carbon, natural material based work. They are temporary scultures and happenings in the landscape. You can see an example in this blog post

Paper pulp
Paper Stone
Paper Stones

Eco Designing

Are you curious or interested in eco designing? There are examples on the ‘green’ page as well as in the blog.

And if you’d like to learn more, I’m on the teaching team for the Leeds Permaculture Design Course

[Images: homemade biochar and compost with structure]

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