Diploma Portfolio : 05 Front Yard Design


Making a North Facing Yard in Leeds productive (2017)

Aim: This design aimed to increase the productivity of a small north facing yard of a back-to-back house. Its yields were for the inhabitants (edible crops) and the local wildlife (birds, insects etc)
Tools: Base maps, Overlays, Zones, Sector anaysis, Client interview.
Principles: Holmgren
Key successes: Generous yield of herbs, salad, fruit (enough to share with neighbours). Growing in the gravel seemed to reduce the intrusion of the local cats. A small pond provided water for the birds. Increased contact with neighbours.
Key challenges and how they were overcome: Physically building some of the structures – overcome by help from friends.
Evaluation: A successful outcome. Bumper crops of herbs and salad/greens. More birds observed.
Reflection: Drawing the layout on powerpoint made it really easy to move elements around and with the copy and paste function, meant the planning for its implementation was really easy.



Yard 2018


Supplied as a PDF. This is a sample of some of the pages.