Artists’ Books

I started making Artists’ Books in an attempt to become ‘lighter’ on the planet. It coincided with becoming interested in ‘Time’, its nuances, how it influences us, how we are pushed and pulled by it. Because of that, these books have largely been created alongside an ongoing research into time. (You’ll also find the theme of ‘time’ cropping up in other works too.)

Helianthus annuus L. 12 Sunflower Seeds

A Lunar Book of 3 Hours

This book is a lunar month of books stitched together. The individual books have 8 pages and were made for a month long experience to explore time in 3 hour intervals. Every 3 hours through that month, I created marks on the relevant page for one minute. Through the day and through the night.

I confess, I slept through the odd one. And those pages were left blank. 

I repeated the experience a few years later. 

It was one book per day, folded concertina, the size of a credit card. 

A Penny in the Heavens

Private Collection
Special Collections, brotherton Library, University of Leeds 

The moon has 8 recognised phases. These were drawn onto 8 mini books that were then stitched together. The circle was created by drawing round a Penny playing on the intrinsically linked ‘financial’ world and ‘time’ and how our time is often dictated by money.


The Sun and the Moon

Atlas, Gold Leaf, Burnished Pencil
Private Collection, Special Collections, Brotherton Library, University of Leeds


The Sun and Moon in Three Parts

Part I – Gold Paint, Gold Leaf and graphite on wood, 2014

Part II – Gesso on wood, 2014

Part III – Hand Made Books: ‘If the refectory walls could talk’, ‘At the third stroke’ and ‘FYI’

And each of these parts has three parts.

The word ‘hour’ comes from the Greek word ‘horae’, the Greek name for 3 godesses: Thallo (Spring), Auxo (Summer) and Carpo (Autumn) or Eunomia (good order), Dike (behaving in accordance with nature) and Eirene (peace). 

These pieces were created for an exhibition at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire. They were created in response to the Abbey – particularly the books that involved taking rubbings from the refectory walls. 

Fountains Abbey was a Benedictine Monastry and would have been an early creator of books. These books would have included ‘books of hours’ – hand-painted illuminated manuscripts that were created by monks in the monastries in the 1400s. They were created for lay people to follow the monastic day which was (roughly – because they didn’t measure time in the same way we do now) every 3 hours through the day and night.


Sunflower Books

Seedtimes – The map is the seed. The seed is the place. 

Helianthus annuus L. – The delineated name of the sunflower has 12 parts to it. These are listed on the book cover and inside 12 separate seeds were drawn. Each in its own space on the page and non overlapping. The previous one echoing through the page to the neighbouring pages. 


General Artists’ Books

This is a selection of books that I’ve made over the years that have all been influencial in my art making process and ideas generation.  

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