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The challenge of our ‘waste’ and how we deal with it is growing steadily. And then there’s how and why we generate it too.

For a long time, I’ve struggled with the output of my creativity being, effectively, waste.
I make something(s). Something(s) are rehomed. Something(s) are not. What happens to the ‘what is not’ rehomed? And really, what happens to the what is? Both ultimately seemed destined to be ‘waste’.

Because of this, I’ve thought a lot about how to be creative whilst at the same time minimise waste.

And I’ve also been experimenting with reusing and repurposing things that are our waste. (And would be, to be honest, much easier to chuck into the recycling bin.)

As a side issue, we’re trying to reduce our carbon footprint, so this also helps with that.

Sooooo here are a few of examples.

‘Paper stones’ as mentioned on the home page. They are scultural objects that started life as bank statements and other sensitive material. They were torn up, put in a bucket of water, stirred a few times. And quite a long time later, drained of the liquid and squeezed out. It’s the squeezing that give them their shape.

They are very light to hold and despite the paper being different colours, are pretty white in colour now.

Paper Stones
Paper Stones
Paper Stones
Paper Stones 1

And below are temporary ‘pictures’, recorded only as photographs. They are made with goat willow twigs, bits of wood and woodchip on an old orange box. They come and go. Working with them really drew my attention to their similar and different colours and shapes. They were a lovely material to create with.

Re repurposing… I’ve made a wormery with old paint pots (see below). It’s not very pretty yet but very practical. And old towels are cut up into washable ‘toilet’ paper…

I’d love to hear what you do creatively to repurpose? Or how your creativity is low carbon. Do let me know.

Wormery Base
Wormery getting filled


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