August Land Art

Art, Low Carbon Creativity

During August (2021) I did a series of walks with the specific purpose that at some point during the walk I would  ‘be creative’. This creativity was limited to resources that were ‘natural’ using found natural materials that I know will rot and decay and will not create any litter. The circle became the dominant motif. I found it quite amazing noticing the curves of twigs, the shades of bark, the length of pine cones. Nature is beautifully curvy!

Here are some of the creations:

Some weren’t circles…

And then I dug up the potatoes. Well, I couldn’t resist…

Creativity in and with nature is such a rewarding experience. It is a juxtaposition of opposites. There is both a quality of the permanent (nature will outlive us) and the temporary (this potato won’t last beyond supper); the immediacy of life (this was living – the mushrooms, twigs…) and death (all these materials were in the ‘dying’ phase but they become a life source for something else); vibrancy (the diverse unique qualities) and inertness (static and shrinking). 

And how amazing that it’s so abundant. Let’s work to keep it that way. 


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