Introduction videos for The Diploma in Applied Permaculture

This page is here to give you some more information about your diploma. It is a series of short video’s that you’ll be able to come back to when the dust settles and you’ve got more into your diploma. (Refresh the page to reload the videos.)

These videos are not intended to replace the Diploma Handbook and the assessment criteria guide, which contain more in depth information. Click here to download them from the Permaculture Association Website.

    1.0 Induction

    welcome video

    (1:44) This video welcomes you onto the Diploma journey

    1.1 Induction

    /Tutorials and the assessments

    (3:59) What tutorials are available and assessment landmarks

    1.2 Induction

    /Assessment requirements

    (5.59) This is about the assessment criteria and what is required of your portfolio

    Download resources mentioned in this video

    Assessments Presentation Slides,

     IDA form (Individual assessment form)

    IPA Summary form (Interim Permaculture Assessment form)

    Design Matrix

    Design write up

    Design report expectations,

    The KEY DOCUMENT that goes alongside this video is the assessment criteria document called ‘the criteria document’. The most up to date version being on the Diploma website .

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