Here is my Gallery Shop. It is just works that are available for sale. As many of my pieces are either in private collections or were not created to sell, they do not feature here. They can be seen on the Art Page

There is currently Free postage and packing on the paper works for UK addresses.

For other delivery addresses outside the UK, please get in touch. If you’ve a question about any of the pictures, don’t hesitate to ask.


Postcard Pencil Drawing

These drawings are an opportunity for creative output that is low in resources. They are intentionally small and easily portable. Often they are created in a relaxed state, listening to music.

Coloured Pencil Drawing

These coloured pencil drawings are some of my favourite works of the moment. They have a tactile quality (which is impossible to portray via a photograph, so you’ll just have to trust me on that!) and the aesthetic of the surface is generated through a polish that I apply that disolves the pencil, giving it a slightly liquid form.

I hope you like them too.

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