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Permaculture - an art of living sustainably.

I first encountered permaculture in 2010 and found it a good fit with my creative interest in the environment. I did a PDC (permaculture design course) in 2016 and went on to do the Diploma, which I completed in 2019 (my diploma portfolio).

I found in it to be something that can help us think through how we design something using frameworks and tools. The ethics and principles give a window to think through the design from a more sustainable perspective. Up to that point, I'd seen the environmental problem but this was the first time I'd had found a model to explore solutions.

I now use Permaculture frameworks and tools in a lot of my life and creative designs and now offer a permaculture design service. If you have a situation which could do with a bit of pepping up and you'd like to look at it through a sustainability window please get in touch. I take a coaching approach so that we can design something that is going to be achievable and enjoyable for you. Small steps, big changes.

Design consultations start from £50 per hour.

I also support Diploma apprentices with their design work and diploma progress. These are £30 per hour.

1-3. Design for a North Facing Yard (Leeds)
4-5. Design for Allotment - Herb bed (Leeds)
6-7. Design for Allotment - Rhubarb bed (Leeds)
8. Beans, Allotment (Leeds)
9. Lettuces in tetrapacks, Allotment (Leeds)
10. White cucumbers, Allotment (Leeds)

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