Incomplete and Contradictory

Incomplete and Contradictory- 21 books

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“Sorry, Dad”
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In Pictures

Incomplete and Contradictory - Absence / Presence - in pictures

In Pictures

In suspension

Fit surround


Urban Engine Room

Incomplete and Contradictory - In suspension - in no particular order - recorded conversations

We fill in the blanks to make sense of the spaces inbetween

Writing your own history as you go along

Freedom stripped away towards a form of fascism

Love is a collective experience that by contrast is profoundly individual

LOVE anger inbetween LOVE

Very deliberate mark making

Have I subconsiously moulded myself into a brank and hense 'stepped' in a box accidentally? Have the forces around me knocked me into shape?

I don't feel I have a choice. Marketing has knocked the humanity out of communication / expression / language / culture

Free Expression As Revolution*

Fit in the box, yeah, you, fit into it... squeeze

When I distill it down to an essence it quickly explodes back out again

I can only imagine that is because everything in the world is connected

Life is a collaborative experience

Art is what happens when we give 'the other' permission 'to be'

I claw back the space in my mind trying to find that place of deep fertility

I feel the need to understand the river again

Consumption and the constant using MORE MORE MORE

"In 11 years they'll be no elephants" read recently by Sue

Disconnection with the landcape and worship through the telly

Words are inadequat

........ partial passive revolution

Micropressures of life


*Ian Brown lyric