Sunflower Projects

Rough Ground • Seedtime • Envelop • Helianthus annuus L. 2014

Rough Ground - Is there any rough ground in the city? Any space that does not belong to someone somewhere? I looked for rough ground. I scattered seeds. To my knowledge, no seeds scattered grew.
(Rough (n) - etymology: c.1200, "broken ground," from rough (adj.), Ground - etymology: Old English grund "bottom, foundation, ground, surface of the earth," especially "bottom of the sea" from

Seedtimes - A book of seeds, a map of seeds. The maps become books 'do with me what you will'. The seed is the map, the seed occupies the place.

Envelop - Given, unrecorded, out there. Others to do with them what they will.
Etymology: late 14c., envolupen, "be involved in," from Old French envoleper (10c., Modern French envelopper) "envelop, cover; fold up," from en- "in” + voloper "wrap up," of uncertain origin, perhaps Celtic (see Gamillscheg, Diez).

Helianthus annuus L. - The uniqueness defined. In words and line. Image bounded by the line, reproduced. Not exactly. A drawing of a thing is never the thing. Drawn to be picked of the page, except they can't be. 12 seeds. 12 hours. 12 times 12. 144 petals on a flower.