Time Books

These books have all been created alongside an ongoing research into time.

The word 'hour' comes from the Greek word 'horae', the Greek name for 3 godesses: Thallo (Spring), Auxo (Summer) and Carpo (Autumn) or Eunomia (good order), Dike (behaving in accordance with nature) and Eirene (peace). The first works are the sun and moon in 3 parts, in keeping with the word hour.

There is also a connection to the 'books of hours' - hand-painted illuminated manuscripts that were created by monks in the monastries in the 1400s. They were created for lay people to follow the monastic day and were roughly every 3 hours through the day and night.

These books explore and document the different rhythms I have tried, as a way of experiencing an-other time. Click the 'i' for more information.