Spaces in-between

The Spaces in-between is a project involving conversations made with 8 friends on the 8 stages of the moon at 8 (monastic) points of the day (taken to be every 3 hours through the day and night - although back in the 1300s these 8 times would have varied with the times of sunrise/sunset).

“For tribal man SPACE was the uncontrollable mystery, for technological man it is TIME that occupies the same role.” (*reference below) Despite being written in 1951, technological man is becoming more technological with time, and time, it seems, continues to be uncontrollable and mysterious.

This project consists of 8 small, portable, handmade artists' books (based on the monastic books of hours) that were created from the conversations about time on eight lunar days of one month in 2013. 13 lunar months after the initial conversation the individual who had the conversation, opened the book. They created a response. 13 lunar months later, I opened the response. After nearly 2 years of being held quietly and privately, they are now available for people to see and experience and, if they wish, to contribute to the conversation about time and our relationship with it in the current age. The performance/presentation lasts about 45 minutes.

It is currently being kept off-line and can only be encountered experientially, physically in person. Therefore there are no photos other than its carrier case to view. If you are interested in booking 'an encounter' (a talk/viewing of the books) please contact me

UPCOMING presentations of the project

They were presented as a talk/performance at the Opening Up the Book launch event and 5th Sheffield International Book Prize at Bank Street Arts in September 2015. Here are some comments:

"The journey that Carla has been on for this project is a long one, but the product of it is artwork and an exhibition which is varied, but at the same time cohesive, makes you appreciate and think deeper about the underlying theme which ties it all together."

"I came down that night mainly to be at the opening of the Magna Carta show, but I very much enjoyed Carla's presentation as part of the evening. I actually came home and made a couple of things inspired by seeing her collection of made books afterwards. I particulalry liked the combination of words, music and the books."

"It was a riveting exploration of time and the meaning of time. It portrayed captured moments in a vivid and playful manner, without losing the gravitas of the temporal."


*(Marshall McLuhan 1911-1980, ‘Magic that changes mood’ in the mechanical Bride, 1951)