Life and Business Coaching


For the last 10 years I've been coaching individuals from many different backgrounds and industries. As a naturally curious person the skills required in coaching have provided a doorway to discover unforeseen opportunities and answers to questions that have changed my own life and the lives of others. Coaching works alongside my creative and permaculture work.

Allows creative insights and aha moments to occur.
Helps people tap into a different part of themselves and be mindful and present.
Provides time that gives space for ideas and solutions to problems to emerge.

I can offer you:
Space and time to think, reflect on and consider a current life reality.
A mirror to think differently about a present situation.
You hold the answers to your questions, I'm there to help you find them.
Being a journey companion at a point of change in your life.
Encouragement - YOU CAN DO IT!

Meetings can be face to face, on the phone or online
. In these current times, online is the usual way I coach.

Contact me for a chat for any more information.


Individual 1 hour sessions £50

For a quote about other types of sessions including group work and business coaching, please contact me. or 07968 223754


What others have said

KH, Leeds “Thanks for the coaching, it really helped me to work out my priorities,
and to think more positively"

JH, Edinburgh "My experience of receiving coaching with Carla was fantastic.  She really helped me explore what art meant to me, how I wanted to use it in my life, how to integrate it more into my life, and how to improve upon my techniques. As a result I feel much better equipped and more resourceful
to continue my journey with art, and excited for the future"
JM,  London “I really valued the coaching that Carla provided. It was a safe space to discuss work and life issues that often felt clouded or stale through going over them myself so many times. It helped to clarify my opinions and gave me a positive framework from which to approach the many different, and often competing, aspects of my life. We had action points from each session that we set together and were a helpful marker for progress. I also felt that Carla had a lot of insight but was never pushy or overbearing, she was sensitive and intuitive about drawing out the salient points of our discussions."
PT, Durham “Throughout these months, I have been going through a significant period of change in my life, and it was therefore very helpful to have Carla's input for life coaching. The life coaching was very much led by me, exploring my own preferences and wishes; at no point did Carla try and push me down a certain route. I was invited to set my own goals and targets and, with consistent support and guidance, helped to realise those. Looking back over this period, I can see where I have changed, in my ability to manage challenging situations, in my personal response to such situations, and in my view of myself. This has been invaluable as my career has moved into a field more demanding of strength and confidence.
I can strongly recommend Carla's support.”

AA, Brighton "I first contacted Carla at a time of evaluation in my artistic career - taking stock and considering what aspects of my creative practice to pursue and how.  There was great benefit to me in attempting to articulate afresh my interests and ambitions as it affirmed to me in mind and heart the value of the message of my work.  Consequently it produced in me a renewed impetus to nurture and develop my creative skills. It has been very helpful to work with Carla as my coach.  No matter how I felt prior to sessions, I always went away inspired and invigorated and having been affirmed in who I am."

JK, York “Carla really helped me identify difficult issues within the office environment, particularly associated with styles of management.  When I contacted Carla about the issues, her non-judgemental approach was appreciated and there was a real willingness and optimism to improve the current status quo.
I thought the situation had gone past the point of no return.  We worked through some conflict resolution techniques through coaching and it made an intolerable situation workable.”